Services We Offer

PEER Associates provides a range of customized utilization-focused consulting services including: program evaluation and educational research; strategic planning and organization development; and program design and implementation. 

While often treated as a menu of disconnected tasks, these organizational improvement activities employ the same fundamental way of thinking and many of the same tools. 

We believe that when they are closely integrated, the result is clearer thinking, tighter planning, and more effective implementation at all levels of the organization.
If done in concert, these activities can bring into focus the decisions and actions that will help your programs and organization thrive.

Program Evaluation & Educational Research
What are your programs trying to do? How do you know if you are making progress toward these goals? What can you do to improve things? 
Evaluation and research are designed to answer these questions by systematically collecting evidence to help you make judgments, create new knowledge, and identify improvement opportunities.

Strategic Planning & Organization Development
What is your organization’s mission? How can you get everyone on the same page? What are the steps required to connect your actions and vision? 
Strategic planning is concerned with achieving a shared understanding of purpose and the prioritization of organizational goals and activities. The essential idea is alignment. Once that is achieved, decisions about actions, priorities, structures, and processes are clearer and more productive.

Program Design & Implementation
What does the data tell you? How do you turn plans and reports into practice? What are the activities that will bridge mission and findings? 
Translation is the key to successful program design and implementation. Once you have systematically examined your programs and mission, the stage is set for transforming data and plans into meaningful and memorable experiences for your constituents.

"Brilliant report! This is just what I had envisioned... it documented so much of our work on how organizational change works, and the realities of it, and it also provides a practical, flexible step process to move forward."

- Steve Bigaj, Assistant Dean and Professor
Keene State College

Experience and Capabilities

PEER provides customized, highly responsive, utilization-focused program evaluation and research, strategy and planning, and program design services for organizations nationwide. We specialize in place-based, environmental, sustainability, STEM, and conservation education projects and value the missions of our clients and stakeholders. We work with clients nationwide and internationally including large and small non-profits; conservation organizations and nature centers; zoos, aquariums, and museums; schools, institutions of higher learning, government agencies, and grant-making foundations.

How Our Clients Have Benefited

Front-end Program Development:
Clients refined their application process, more systematically capturing baseline data and thinking about who they should recruit.

Funders, Boards, & Proposaling:
Clients used the evidence from evaluation products to satisfy stakeholder interests in program continuation, replication, and future funding.

Minor Program Modifications:
Clients enhanced understanding of program concepts leading to better teaching/program provision and insight as to where to focus reform efforts.

Major Program Modifications:
Clients used evaluation findings to make sweeping program modifications, empowering them to drop, revise, or otherwise change their program course.

Internal Capacity Building:
Clients began with "Evaluation 101" presentations, and then modified the tools and ideas to address other organizational problems.

Evaluation Tools:
Clients gained tangible evaluation tools for use in replicating their programs and in monitoring their programs on an ongoing basis.

Communication Tools:
Clients used their evaluation data to communicate with their organizational audiences via communication tools such as annual reports, newsletters, and program fliers.

Internal Reflection:
Clients benefited from the opportunity to convene an affinity group and talk systematically about their programs.

Strategic Planning:
Clients used the evaluation process to foster strong momentum toward reaching strategic goals.

Building Relationship Capital:
Clients who brought the evaluator to the table gained stature in professional networks and with key stakeholders.

Program & Stakeholder Clarification:
Clients developed a more systematic profile of their service users and their current and potential participants.

Professional Stature & Credibility:
Clients used evaluation data to support efforts to publish work in journals, books, and at conferences.

Internal Alignment:
Clients reached better alignment and buy-in on their purposes and strategies.

"Working with PEER not only brought true professionalism to the initiative, but helped us in crafting the program itself."
- Chuck Remington, Director of Field Support
National Audubon