Organizations We Have Served

PEER has engaged in projects with a wide range of clients including non-profit educational organizations, schools and school districts, universities, foundations, advocacy and service organizations, and government agencies. We focus on organizations and initiatives whose missions resonate with our values. Here is a snapshot of some of them.

"PEER is a highly responsive team. I found them to be dependable, intellectually challenging, a pleasure to work with, and deeply committed to product mission.”

-- David Larsen,
Interpretation and Education
Training Program Manager,
National Park Service 

Sample Client Projects

While PEER's clients, as well as the size and scope of its projects, vary immensely, all consulting programs are highly customized to the particular decision and action needs of each client and context. 

Here are a few examples organized in broad categories.

Non-profit Educational Organizations make up the biggest segment of PEER's client base. Ongoing since 2002, PEER has conducted individual and cross-program evaluations for the non-profits that comprise the Place-based Education Evaluation Collaborative (PEEC). By facilitating the development of shared tools, data, literature review, and face-to-face meetings, PEER has helped programs from New England, Texas, and Missouri to function more effectively as learning organizations, both individually and as a group.

Informal Science Education organizations such as zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, and museums can benefit from PEER services. We have background and experience helping these institutions measure, analyze, and articulate the value of their conservation learning, informal science education, nature play, and STEM programs. We have worked with clients such as the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Litzsinger Road Ecology Center. As an AZA commercial member, we keep our finger on the pulse of current zoo and aquarium issues, and are ready to partner with AZA accredited institutions to explore questions critical to conserving animals and wild places for future generations.

Government Agencies have engaged PEER to address research, learning, or accountability goals. In one instance, PEER conducted a national research project for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to quantify a relationship between place-based education and environmental quality. In another, PEER completed numerous projects for the National Park Service including: facilitating processes and developing tools for creating a culture of evaluation throughout the agency; researching public values and meaning to inform the design of the Flight 93 National Memorial; documenting best practices for engaging young adults in a sustainable future; evaluating technology and youth leadership projects in Acadia National Park; and many others.

Schools and School Districts occasionally contract directly with PEER instead of working through a third party non-profit. For example, the Vermont State Department of Education hired PEER to conduct an ongoing evaluation of student and educator outcomes for their Vermont Science Initiative. In another example, PEER conducted a social network analysis for a middle school in Seabrook, New Hampshire as part of an investigation into the effect of a program promoting a collaborative school culture.

Universities administering National Science Foundation-funded projects have contracted with PEER for evaluation-based projects. One example of that was an after-school program using computer game design to engage middle-school students in local natural and community resources at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Another involved evaluating outcomes of a graduate fellowship program at the University of New England that uses place-based education to hone the communication skills of scientists.

Foundations are a growing segment of PEER's portfolio. Projects in this domain have included designing evaluation symposia and providing evaluation consulting for the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, and evaluating a participatory, values-based approach to community planning for the Orton Family Foundation.

Advocacy and Service Organizations, with a particular focus on peace and social justice issues, are a growing area of interest at PEER. Oxfam Canada, for example, worked with PEER on the evaluation of a women's empowerment program in Africa.